John Kpikpi TV

In November 2019, Dr. Kpikpi and a pastor friend met for a coffee and began a conversation about deploying social media and television in the advancement of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. Kpikpi’s friend pointed out that, whereas a programme on free-to-air TV can only be viewed at a fixed time and can be viewed only once, the same programme, if uploaded onto Facebook, could remain there permanently. Consequently, people would be able to access it at their leisure and, if they wished, watch it more than once. 

Dr. Kpikpi called a Media Team together to start what we now call JohnKpikpiTV.  The timing was fortuitous, because within just a few months of launching JohnKpikpiTV on Facebook, the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and churches like ours were closed down and prevented from holding any in-person meetings.  JohnKpikpiTV instantly became the flagship social media channel for us to reach our church members and many others who were connected with us in this country and in other parts of the world.

An epilogue to the ‘Politics of Heaven and Earth’ series. A conversation about Heaven and Earth.

Look out for the next episode of Explore! on JohnKpikpiTV. In these short videos, Dr. Esther Kpikpi interviews Dr. Kpikpi about his latest message.

JohnKpikpiTV is now available on YouTube too!