Who We Are

The Rebuilding the Nations Foundation is the name given to the apostolic ministries that God has given to Dr. John Kpikpi.  Each of the ministries is concerned with helping people, families and nations to build holy, happy and prosperous lives on the firm foundation of God’s word.

In 1992, Dr. John Kpikpi moved from the UK to Ghana with his wife and baby daughter to begin work as a lecturer in the University of Ghana.  Later that year, he planted City of God Church (then known as City on a Hill Church).  Ten busy years later, in 2002, in recognition of his church planting work and ministry in Ghana and several other West African countries, Dr. Kpikpi was ordained as an Apostle by the Newfrontiers Apostolic Team, led by Terry Virgo.

In 2004, the Lord spoke to Dr. Kpikpi about the work of rebuilding the nations of West Africa. He showed Dr. Kpikpi that in such important areas of life as marriage and family life, work and business, politics and governance and the relationships between the tribes and races, multitudes were building on lies and distortions, instead of on the rock of God’s truth. God wanted Dr. Kpikpi to take on the work of making known truths from God’s word concerning all these key areas of life, so that people would have the opportunity to build on the sure foundation of God’s truth. 

Dr. Kpikpi recognised immediately that, beyond continuing to faithfully preach God’s word in the churches he was working with, this task would require that he deploy new tools.  Together with his wife Alexandra, he began to utilise both print and electronic media to extend the reach of God’s work in the nations. This resulted in the publication of several books and manuals over the years, as well as the development of a radio and television ministry – all fuelled by a passion to proclaim God’s truth to the nations.

In 2012, reflecting on twenty years of ministry, Dr Kpikpi heard God speak to him, summarising what had been happening over the last two decades: “I have been working with you to create holy, happy and prosperous peoples and nations.  Indeed, whether planting churches or making disciples or helping people with their marriages or inspiring people to start businesses or setting up a school, Dr. Kpikpi’s overall goal has always been to help people live truly holy, happy and prosperous lives. 

Dr. and Mrs. Kpikpi are a husband and wife team. 

Dr. John Kpikpi is the Founder and Director of The Rebuilding the Nations Foundation and Mrs. Alexandra Kpikpi is a Co-Director.

Apostle John Kpikpi

Founder and Director

Alexandra Kpikpi

Co - Director